How to Protect Floors and Carpets When Moving?

Protecting floors and carpets while moving is very important. Do not neglect the protection when relocating, as if they are damaged, you can be charged an impressive bill for their repair. Besides the fact that you go out of the planned budget for the move, you will also lose extra time. Follow our advice about how to protect floors when moving

Protect Floor when Moving

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Top 7 TIPs:

  1. Wrap a piece of furniture with special furniture blankets and cover the edges of them before trying to slip a sofa or wardrobe in a doorway. It will prevent walls, door frames, and furniture from hardening. This way, that extra padding will soften the force of the impact if a heavyweight object is accidentally dropped onto the floor.
  2. Don’t drug heavy furniture along the floor, this can cause deep scratches on your hardwood floor and your rug or carpet to be cut by the legs of the dresser. Use special tools to move your pieces of furniture such as furniture sliders and rubber-wheel dollies.
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3. Use furniture sliders. Furniture sliders can be slipped under each leg of the furniture which will help to move the furniture without harming your floor.

4. Use rubber-wheel dolly to protect wood floors to wheel out the heavy items out of your home without any damage to the flooring. You can rent an appliance dolly from a local moving company or purchase one from a home depot store.

5. To make sure no damage will befall on the carpeting in your home, roll the carpet up when moving, and if possible, do not drag furniture over it. If the carpet still remains on the floor, cover it with cardboard or an old sheet.

6. Floor runners is an excellent line of defense for the floors and carpets in your home. These protective coverings are made of neoprene and have an anti-slip surface on one side to keep them from shifting when in use. Floor runners can also be great stairs runners because they can be used directly on staircases as protection while keeping people safe by not allowing them to slip while going down or up the stairs.

7. Call Easy Florida Moving, your affordable and reliable movers, for professional moving help with the right type of moving equipment. Trust it to professionals, we know how it takes to avoid property damage of any kind. Schedule you Free in-home Estimate.

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