In-home and over-the-phone Moving Estimate

in-home moving estimate

Estimate is an important component when choosing a Moving Company. It allows customer to understand how much time and money he or she will spend on move, and on the other hand, it helps moving manager to determine how many crew members, what kind of equipment and what packing materials to provide for the move.

Easy Florida Moving provides the following options of giving Moving Estimates:

  1. In-Home Estimate
  2. Over-The-Phone Estimate
  3. Estimate by pictures or video

In-home Moving Estimate means our manager will come to your home for personal inspection of area and number of your belongings. During the in-home Estimate manager will take notes: how much packing you will need, how much stuff you have, are you going to move fragile items, etc.

An in-home moving estimate is the most accurate option of Estimate types for providing the entire relocation cost. After the in-home Estimate, Easy Florida Moving provides you with a Flat Rate Moving Quote, which means fixed cost of your Relocation or Binding Estimate.

Over-The-Phone Moving Estimate is the Estimate, made by entirely your description of your household. Choosing Over-The-Phone Estimate, you can avoid contact with the manager, providing the fullest information about your inventory and services requested. Manger will ask you to list the items you want to move room by room. Please try not to forget even minor item or detail to avoid extra charges. Walk around the house and make sure you included everything.

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how much does the Moving cost?

There a lot of factors that influence on your moving cost. Here’s a list of things that will determine how much will it cost you in total:

  • The amount of stuff and furniture;
  • The size and may by amount of suitable truck/s for your move;
  • How easily movers are able to transport inventory in and out of your home, possibility to use the front door to carry things out;
  • The weight and volume of your inventory;
  • The distance you’ll be moving for;
  • Presence or absence of the stairs;
  • Additional services: packing, custom crafting, storage
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Does getting an estimate cost money?

At Easy Florida Moving our Estimates are always Free.

How long does it take to get an estimate?

On average it takes around one hour. For in-home Estimate you will need additional time for personal meeting with our moving manager.  Normally It does not take more than half an hour.

How can I set up an appointment to get an estimate? 

Schedule online in-home moving Estimate HERE or call Easy Florida Moving Now to request your moving quote, and our Moving manager will help you determine which services are best for your unique move situation.

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