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Moving with kids? Relocation process is stressful for parents, but even more stressful for children. When planning a move, looking for a moving company and packing stuff, don’t forget about such an important moment as preparing your child for the move. Children are very fond of stability and such a life turnaround as moving can greatly affects on their behavior, your relationship, and school performance.

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Changes are always difficult, and moving is a huge change. What do your children feel? Everything is different, scary, and new. Nothing is the same, and it can be very hard to adjust to a move. Try to give them as much information about the move as you can. When? As soon as possible! Answer questions completely and truthfully, and be receptive to both positive and negative reactions. Even if the relocation means an improvement in family life, kids don’t always understand that and may be focused on the frightening aspects of the change.

Yes, it is difficult to be considerate of your children, especially in moving period. We have collected the most important advice for you based on our own moving experience working with many families, as well as consultations with child psychologists.

What you need to do before moving with kids

  • Regardless of the age of the child, explain to him the reason for moving, talk about what the new house will be like, and describe his new room. Try to involve your child in the move. For example, let him help to find a new school, or think together about setting up his new room. This will allow him not to feel that the move is being forced upon him, but to jointly participate in the life of the family. You can take your kids to visit the new house (or see it being built) and explore the new neighborhood. If it is impossible – try to provide as much information as you can about the new home, city, and state. Learn where kids can participate in favorite activities. See if a relative, friend, or even a real estate agent can take pictures of the new house and new school for your child.
  • After you move, try to tidy up the child’s room before paying attention to the rest of the house. Also, try to stick to your regular eating and sleeping schedule to make your kids feel at home.

Moving with Babies and Toddlers

  • Pack up the house while they’re asleep (especially their toys!). Leave one box of toys out until the very end, though, so that they always have something to play with.
  • When packing your baby’s toys in boxes, and they have seen it, be sure to explain that you are not throwing them away.
  • Hire a nanny or ask grandmother to help you with baby on the moving day.
  • Arrange the furniture in the kid’s new bedroom in the same way as in the previous house.
  • Do not combine events such as moving and toilet training, or moving and moving a baby from your bed to his separate crib in one period.

Moving with Teens

Nonetheless, moving a teen during the latter part of high school can have serious academic, social, and psychological consequences that should be taken into consideration. Unlike babies and toddlers, for whom the family is the center of their universe, teens are at the stage of life where they are beginning to separate from the family. A move at that time either can push the teen back into a more dependent stage he or she can’t tolerate or may artificially accelerate an independence he or she isn’t ready for.

This is one reason why teens will need extra support and attention during the moving process. According to the Center for Advancing Health, kids between the ages of 12 and 17 who had moved over the past year have:

  • 20% higher odds of visiting the emergency room for a psychiatric issue;
  • 4% higher odds of an office visit;
  • 19% greater odds of a psychiatric hospitalization. They also have higher odds of mental health issues, including attention deficit, conduct disorders, self-injury, and suicidal behaviors.

Long-Distance relocation with teen

  • It is easier to move a teen when he is running away from something. It is a rather difficult age when a child is not satisfied with many things. You can present him with a move as an opportunity to start life from scratch. Perhaps he is ashamed of some actions that he managed to accomplish. But after moving he or she will have the opportunity not to repeat past
  • After moving, check if the teen can return to important school events such as prom.
  • You can also plan trips to visit old friends or to have friends come to visit teen. Thanks to technology, teens can maintain a virtual relationship with the current peer group through social media, texting, and other mediums.
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  • If you have concerns about your child after the move, consider finding a counselor or other form of guidance. It is normal for teens to not always confide in their parents. Helping them identify people they can turn to for support when they might not turn to you is critical. Without setting up these connections with your teen, they may turn to someone or something that is destructive. If, however, they won’t turn to an adult, they deserve a safe place to connect to teens that can help.
  • Help to find a job for your teen. Because work takes up a lot of your time, it will distract teen, so you he or she not sitting around, alone and sad, missing friends. It will also help to meet new people and make new friends. Working will also help to feel more productive, which could motivate to try to achieve goals.
  • If teen is unable to work, school/college will achieve the same purpose. Enroll in some classes at local college, go back to earn a degree, and you will be so distracted with coursework, homework and friends to have time to sit around and brood.
  • Help your teen to get involved in new community. Battle loneliness and homesickness by keeping busy. Join a social group, club, volunteer organization, gym or sporting team in your city. By participating in these activities, teen can do what he enjoys, meet new people, and make new friends.
  • Before moving, do a little research in new town to find out more about what it has to offer. For example, if are a hiker, find out where your town’s best parks are, you’re your child enjoys reading, find out if there’s a pleasant bookstore in the neighborhood or a cozy library.

Don’t move by yourself

Finally, if it’s in your budget, we strongly suggest hiring professional movers to assist with all heavy lifting on moving day. This way you can focus on your baby and not on stressful moving logistics. Easy Florida Moving is licensed and insured moving company, and our professional movers can handle all of your moving needs. Your Best Moving Experience starts here! Call Easy Florida Moving Today 1(786)338-1008 to get a Free Moving Quote. 

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