Making your moving easy and affordable

Flat Rate

Upon a request we can schedule a visual estimate at your place and give you a flat rate for entire job. No surprises. Free of charge.

Licensed and Insured

We are licensed and insured with Miami-Dade county and the state of Florida local and interstate Moving Company.

Free estimate

We can do it by phone or our manager can visit your location/s to arrange the total charges.

Packing is included

You will not be charged for any packing materials, beside your estimate. And still, every item will be wrapped properly.

Local or interstate

No matter where you are moving either next block, or in, or out of Florida, we will make your moving really easy, safe for your stuff and affordable for your wallet!

$190 for 2 hours job.

You get 1 mover, truck, loading equipment.

$260 for 3 hours job.

You get 2 movers, truck, loading equipment, moving blankets.

*1 hour travel time is included in each promo price!

$350 For fast 3 hours job.

You get 3 men, truck, loading equipment and essential packing materials included.

$450 for up to 6 hours job.

You get 2 men, truck, loading equipment and essential packing materials included

Special Deals For Local Moving

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To future customers:

We really appreciate your attention to Easy Florida Moving. From the time, you see our site, to the finish of your moving, we will try our best to satisfy you and become your reliable partner, who you can advice to your friends!


  • Licensed and Insured

  • Accept credit cards

  • Professional equipment and packing

  • Do not require deposit to schedule a job

  • Moving pads, tapes, dollies are included in tariff

  • No charge for stairs, fuel, taxes

  • Professional reassemble included in price

Price for local moving

Moving is always stressful. You have to keep in mind lots of details and take care of everything.

We, at Easy Florida Moving, like no other, understand what it's like to move your home and what you can feel while you move. That's why we suggest you to let professionals do their best and set you free of this stress.

  •  $75 for 2 movers and a truck per hour

  •  $95 for 3 movers and a truck per hour

  •  $115 for 4 movers and a truck per hour