Custom Crating Service

Easy Florida Moving provides Reliable, Safe Freight Moving, Custom Wood Crating and Packing Service for Commercial Relocation and Residential customers. Relocation may engage various types of belongings some of which are fragile or very expensive. It is important to keep it unscathed during the move. 

Florida Custom Crating Service

Get Professionals to crating! Affordable Crating & Packing Services

Wooden Crates are strong boxes specially made to fit your valuable items. For moving the small fragile objects such as chandeliers or sculptures, we fill the free space in the wooden crate by moving peanuts. Industrial machines or large equipment we fasten inside by straps.

Crating are also weather resistant so whatever you place in them is protected from rain, drought, humidity and other bad weather that may damage your belongings. Crates are very strong and can be used to pack your electronics, artwork and fine art, furniture, inherited precious items, decoration, computer or other.

Easy Florida Moving provides Top-quality Packing Service and Custom Crating Services for all types of items. No matter how heavy, oversized or fragile they are, your items will be handled with proper care and using the best packing materials. Our Movers can take care of your artwork and fine art professionally. We will come and make the crates in front of you to avoid wrong sizing, pack it well on the spot and deliver it to the new address you give them in the same condition that you saw them last packed. Your belongings will be safe in the hands of experienced professionals.


Don’t nickel and dime while you are packing for the move

As you might be suspecting Crating indeed is a very important step in making your move smooth and ensure your stuff will be transported safely and arrive undamaged. We at Easy Florida Moving move people and their stuff on a daily basis, Crating and Packing has become a specialty skill for us. From Crating a chandelier to wrapping artworks to boxing kitchen supplies we’ve done it all and we will happily do it again!

Custom Crating

Our experts take their time to evaluate each item’s fragility and composition to determine the best packing options. Depending on each case, we will use tailored corrugated containers, prefabricated crates and secure each shipment on pallets or skids in order to give them an extra stability and ease in handling. All of our custom crates are tailor made to the item being shipped.

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