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Moving to Vero Beach, FL

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Let our Vero Beach Movers Handle Your Next Relocation. Easy Florida Moving offers flexible schedule and exclusive options for straight delivery.

The beautiful and tropical city of Vero Beach is very warm and welcoming towards its new residents. We are thrilled that you are considering moving from Miami to Vero Beach, FL, and we would be proud to give you the best Vero Beach Moving service you deserve.

Easy Florida Moving is Top Rated Florida Mover. We are dedicated to our customers who are planning a relocation anywhere in the Sunshine State, and beyond! Get ready to experience the quality, care, and safety of Easy Florida Moving!

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Commercial Moving Services in Vero Beach, FL

Easy Florida Moving provides Office and Commercial Moving Service. Providing a full range of services and customized solutions with advanced technology to fully support your Commercial Moving process, our Vero Beach Movers will save your time and budget. Working with our professional Commercial Movers, you will see that services are performed by skilled professionals trained to manage your assets with care.

Easy Florida Moving is Vero Beach Residential & Commercial Moving Company, which you can trust. We would be proud to represent you in the world of moving. Contact us for a free estimate, so that you can get the price you love. At our company, it is our goal to create the easiest, the most convenient moving experience of your life! We can handle it all!

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Easy Florida Moving follows the goal to match your specific needs as an office or a family. We listen carefully, act promptly, and pack carefully. There are many reasons why our business strategies are superior compared to other moving companies:

  • We care about your special requests. Easy Florida Moving takes any recommendation you may have with respect to your family, your employees, and your property.
  • When you are moving to Vero Beach, we can reach you within an hour. Our convenient South Florida location makes it very easy for us to provide you with a prompt and effective service.
  • Get ready for clean transportation, custom blankets, new boxes, dollies, and other well-kept tools. We personalize every move, and our Miami packers make sure they have extra packing materials on hand at all times.
  • Our highly trained coordinators and Customer Support staff with their unique dedication will answer any questions and listen to any special requests or recommendations you may have.
  • Flat Rate Moving is something we practice with all of our customers. We give you a quote and follow through with our word.
  • We offer a full-service relocation, and that means that we will move you from Miami to Vero Beach, Florida, and handle all the work.

Interesting facts and useful TIPs

Housing and utility costs. Renting a living space for yourself and your family is quite affordable in Vero Beach today. Prices for rental apartments differ depending on the location, but on average, a flat of 500 square feet with one bedroom and a bath may cost you $950 – $1,100 per month. On the other hand, 1000-square foot 3 bedrooms/3 bathrooms places have a price tag of $1800 – $2075 a month.

Buying a single-family home in Vero Beach might cost you something around $289,000. The utilities are affordable too – a 915-square foot place will cost just $100.21 to keep.

Taxation. Florida does not collect any state income taxes, which can explain why this place is so very popular among the retired. The sales tax for Miami residents is 7%.

Salaries and Financing. Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) is $3,723.33

Easy Florida Moving is a company that offers first-rate moving services. Being as resourceful and honest as we are, we also provide extensive training programs to our packers, so that they are aware of every detail of the moving process.

If you are interested in more information about Easy Florida Moving, give us a call! One of our experienced and friendly moving specialists will answer any questions you may have and provide you with a free Flat Rate Quote!

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