Flat Rate Movers:
Budgeting your move done right 

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Flat Rate Movers:
Budgeting your move done right 

Flat Rate Moving

This service works just as Easy as the rest of our services at Easy Florida Moving LLC. The steps are short, simple, and conspicuous.

Since you’ve ended up here we can take a wild and educated guess that you are either considering or already in the process of packing and maybe even moving. Thank you for taking the time to consider us at Easy Florida Moving LLC as your service provider. In appreciation to our loyal customers one of our top rated services is Flat Rate Moving. 

Customer’s Moving Review

Cristy P., Miami, FL

These guys are FANTASTIC! We used them the last time  we  moved & we used them again this time. We moved out of our home & still had a week before we could get in to the new one. They stored our belongings in their storage facility for FREE.

The guys who come are always incredibly respectful & polite. They also bust their butts the entire time they are working. They work straight through to finish as quickly as possible. They show you the exact time it is when they start working & they work really fast. Also, they take care of your things. Our TVs were wrapped with care & they always took note if something was fragile. I can’t emphasize any more how great their work ethic is. If we ever move again, We will be using them. Definitely worth the investment of hiring them  if you’re moving.

It’s a service which we decided to launch in order to take away the most unpleasant experience which many people face during their move, and that is a rising cost of your moving bill. But as our name says we try to live an Easy life and pass our ease to our customers whether they move locally (in State) or Long Distance (out of State).

How the flat rate quote works:

  1. We get a call from you.
  2. We schedule a convenient time (you can also schedule it herefor you and one of our managers to come by to your location and evaluate all the stuff which you are planning to move. He will make some suggestions and remarks (such as which packing material to use for which items, what to pack first, and whether larger items need to be taken apart etc..) which will help you make the move easier, faster, saving you both time and money, and essentially turn your move into a professional and pleasant move.
  3. Our manager makes a list of all these items and calculates the load size and time it will take to make it happen.
  4. According to the list you both come up to at the end of the evaluation you will get a detailed quote which you know will be your final cost and which will not unexpectedly increase.

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