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Moving to New York

Moving to New York

Affordable New York Movers

One of the most popular move is between FL and NY

Turn to Reliable New York Movers at Easy Florida Moving to make your relocation Easy! Our company offers affordable prices, flexible schedule and exclusive options for straight delivery.

So, the day or at least the month of your move to another State is now known and it’s the right time to figure out all the details that you are facing now in regards to this significant change in your life.

The reasons to move to New York are clear:

  • NY has better wages.
  • More options to choose from.
  • Rent cost is not too bad and looks almost the same as Florida’s appropriate housings.
  • Way more cultural and historical places to visit.
  • Taxes in New York are higher because you’ll need to pay the State tax.

Let’s get moving to New York!

There we go! Won’t be a bad idea to start making notes and make a Moving Checklist. The right thing to start from.

Customer’s Moving Review

Mike T., Brooklyn, NY

 used this company for my move to NYC and couldn’t be happier with the service.
First I was sceptical about the difference between movers, as I didn’t realized that this frustrating process may be such a straight forward when guys are so professional.
My move was with Presley and John on pick up and Paul with Lincoln delivered it.
First and most importantly we had no damage at all! Our 2/2 apartment arrived completely safe!
Guys worked efficiently and I really appreciate their help as they did exactly what I was looking for regarding packaging my fragile and delicate items.
Also, while we where looking for a new place we were given 2 weeks of the storage free of charge and when the truck was on the way to our new place the dispatch was giving us the heads up at all times.
Highly recommend Easy Florida Moving to anyone who is looking for reliable moving company with no stress along the way!

How to move to New York? Residential Relocation Guide:

What is the cheapest way to move long distance to NY?

You can share moving truck space to get a lower price. This option is suitable for you if you don’t have a lot of stuff (studio or one-bedroom apartment), you will pay the portion of the price only.

How the shared truck works?

Your belongings will be placed in the truck, which can hold about 2000 cubic feet total, and there are will be a couple other person’s stuff on board.

Each item will be marked with sticker and written down into inventory sheet, which should be given to you as a receipt when the movers pick you up. Movers will tightly stack your belongings into the truck and then strap it off. So, there is no movement while the truck traveling down the road.

By accepting the shared moving truck option, you have to be more flexible about delivery date, because more people are going to be involved with their own delivery preferences.

You, most probably, will be charged for the total volume or weight plus several other charges such as:

  • Packing materials
  • Fuel surcharge (7%-12%)
  • Stairs or long carry at pick up or/and delivery

When moving from Florida to New York, use this option to significantly save your budget. That’s going to be the cheapest way to move long distance.


The second option to move out of state with a moving company is to get a Dedicated Truck.

If you don’t want to share the moving truck with anyone else or you have a lot of stuff to move (three-bedroom home and more), Easy Florida Moving offers Dedicated Moving Service. Our movers will pack and load your stuff into a truck and either the same or next day it’ll be on the way to New York. This is also known as a first-class Moving Service. This option will speed up your delivery time and give accurate delivery schedule.

The best part of it – you are not paying an extra for this service if you have enough stuff to fulfill about 75%-80% of the total truck’s volume.

Our Company’s advantage is that we use straight trucks in New York City and you don’t have to pay extra for shuttle service truck for convenient access to your new home.

Hire a professional reputable New York Long-Distance Moving company

Easy Florida Moving is a Licensed, Insured, and experienced Long-Distance Relocation Moving Company, but, most importantly, we have a reputation that goes ahead of any words and it’s easy to check.

Moving Reviews for Long Distance New York movers

We recommend to read moving reviews. And, if you would just spend a couple more hours gathering information from such government resources as:

  • US DOT


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Read the reviews for movers on Yelp and Google carefully.

Checked them out? Seen ours?

Yes, Easy Florida Moving is a great choice. It took us a while to build a reputation and we are always trying our best to get your move done the best possible way with no compromise on quality of Moving Service.

Our workers are well-trained and have a great experience. They are also paid well by the Company and as a result value their job and every single customer matters.

Packing Service for Long-Distance move

We use only proper and high-quality packing materials as well as the best moving equipment to move heavy items right way and the gear is used instead of power when possible.

Your coach won’t fit to elevator or staircases?

If it’s not too high and you have a balcony, we can try this option too, to get it inside.

Moving Antique furniture to New York?

Listen to our guidelines on how we suggest packing your delicate items and move them safely.

Easy Florida Moving has the experience to handle any type of stuff, including the most fragile and delicate parts of your household such as antique items. Our professional movers have the means and the knowledge to pack and move stuff properly.

How do we stand out?

  • The knowledge that comes from our experience.
  • Care for your belongings.
  • Proper equipment is being used for each relocation that we handle.
  • Agreeable budgets for our customers.

Nothing is impossible for our experienced antique Furniture Movers. We cope with any tasks, even if they look incredible.

If you want to avoid risks and go for a sure thing – Easy Florida Moving is the right choice for your relocation. Our Movers will take special care of your pieces! Give yourself a chance to move without stress by hiring movers who know how to do it right.

Art Handling when you move to New York

There are a lot of galleries in New York City, from Brooklyn and Queens to Manhattan.  Collectors and art lovers come to New York from all over the world to visit more than 1,500 galleries and museums.

Art lovers in New York City can embark on one of the most exciting adventures of their lives by exploring the myriad galleries in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood (between 14th and 34th Streets west of Sixth Avenue). Though the occasional old master shows up in Chelsea, here you’ll find thousands of challenging, progressive and political works in multiple formats by the most famous contemporary artists and rising stars. What are galleries like David Zwirner’s vast space and Hauser & Wirth, which are the champions landmark modern and contemporary artists.

If you are going to move sculptures, paintings, or other fragile and delicate art objects for the purpose of exhibiting or simply replenish your private collection – you cannot do it without professional moving help!

Easy Florida Moving is the Company that can assist you every step of the way – whenever you need us to. All you have to do is to call us and our manager will build a custom plan for your Relocation.

Art handling requires careful packaging and neat handling, in the most cases it isn’t as easy as it seems.

The care associated with packing art objects and transporting them is usually much bigger than any other stress related to moving. Those are the main reasons why you should consider hiring professionals to take care of this task for you.

We’ve never spared any effort to safely transport your artwork to your new home.

Our movers always use proper wrapping materials and understand that less touching of art objects is always preferred. Movers plan every step in order to minimize chances that the item they need to transport gets damaged in any way.

We look for a way that is the most convenient for protecting and preserving that artwork itself.

Easy Florida Moving offers customers a wide range of options (packing, loading and unloading, transporting, handling, unpacking, etc.). And that is not it. Everything we do, we do at some of the most affordable Moving Rates in South Florida.

Commercial moving to New York

We got you covered also! Moving a shop or office out of State could be not an easy task. Easy Florida Moving provides efficient business Relocation Service. Our successful move management is based on well-trained movers, and a clear understanding of customers’ needs, budget, and goals, as well as the company’s vast experience.

Move management support

Our goal is to provide the fast and safe Relocation of your Business, reduce the complexity and risk, as well as the downtime of your business associated with the Moving.

Easy Florida Moving’s managers will develop with you an individual customized moving plan, which will fully meet your needs and describe the entire process from A to Z. Starting with packing your equipment and miscellaneous item and ending up with disassembly and wrapping the showcases.

Have 1700 lbs. safe to move?

We can do it also, as our professional movers have done it many times.

From planning your new space and communicating with your employees to set up a moving day schedule, our move management experts can offer advice and guidance at every step along the way. You can then focus on your own job, leaving the moving process to a team of trusted advisors and assistants—all dedicated to making your life easier and your office move as worry-free as possible.

Storage Solutions Offered by Easy Florida Moving

Our Storage Solutions had beed developed to satisfy all your relocation needs.

Residential Storage Service

Whether you need to store your belongings while you sell your current home or store your items while you wait on your new home to become available, Easy Florida Moving can help with your storage service needs. We will store your stuff at our storage facility and hold it until your new home is ready for move-in. When you tell us to deliver stored stuff – we will arrange the time and bring your stuff to the specified address.

Commercial Storage 

Do you need some additional space for your equipment? We can provide it. Easy Florida Moving offers Commercial Storage Solutions.

If your office is moving or renovating, Easy Florida Moving can help with Long-Distance Commercial Moving and Storage. We provide storage solutions and customize relocation for Long-Distance commercial moves. Our Moving Company offers a wide variety of storage options for relocation your office stuff, furniture, appliances, file cabinets, exhibition structures, massive glass products, and heavy equipment.

We can store your stuff during your commercial long-distance move and then deliver it. For more information on our long-distance, full-service commercial moving and storage solutions, please click here

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