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Looking for a top-rated long-distance moving company in Florida? Turn to Easy Florida Moving for all your relocation needs. Moving out of state can present unique challenges, but with our professional services, you can rest assured that your belongings will be in safe hands. Whether you’re moving your home or office across the country, we specialize in ensuring that your possessions arrive at their destination in top condition. Trust Easy Florida Moving for a seamless and reliable long-distance moving experience within Florida.

With the best prices in Florida, remarkable customer care, and options that can match every need and budget, Easy Florida Moving is the best choice for your Long-Distance Relocation. Hire Easy Florida Moving to ensure you get the highest quality Long Distance moving service for a price tailored to fit your needs.

Long Distance Moving Service in Florida

There are two Types of Long Distance moves:

  1. Interstate – when you move out of your current State
  2. Intrastate – when you move relatively far but do not cross State lines.


In contrast to Local or Intrastate Moves, Long Distance moving falls under federal regulation for transporting belongings from State to State. Easy Florida Moving offers Interstate moves with all necessary documentation such as insurance policies to protect the transported cargo and Operating Authority from FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) MC number for providing Long-Distance moving service. Check out our Licensing info HERE


Easy Florida Moving, as Reliable Long Distance Moving Company, with many years of experience provides safe, convenient Relocation Services to customers across the Country, whether the destination is within the same county or from Coast to Coast. Nowadays, we have friendly professional team, thousands of satisfied customers and top rated reviews on Google and Yelp. And we will make sure you will have a best Moving Experience ever.

Long Distance moving in Florida: move to virginia


Choose from a wide variety of services to make sure you only pay for the assistance you need.


Your Long-Distance move includes:

  • In-home moving estimate. Schedule an appointment online, to get Free Flat Rate Moving Quote. Flat rate Estimate has not ever been Easier!
  • Expert advice and guidance throughout the whole move;
  • Wrapping of all furniture with professional moving pads;
  • Loading and Unloading.
  • Disassembly of all standard furniture required for safe move, reassembly for all items disassembled by movers on the day of pick-up;
  • All transportation, taxes, tolls, mileage and fuel surcharge.
  • Standard cargo protection up to $10 000 based 0n 0,60 cents per pound per article, if selected at the time the estimate is prepared;

Additional fees and Accessorial Services

Customer’s Moving Review

Rachel S. Brookline, MA

Easy Florida Moving company brought my furniture and boxes from my condo in South Florida, to my home in the Boston area. I was extremely pleased with the professionalism from start to finish.
Owner, Alex, gave me an estimate which was honored with no hidden costs. Everything arrived in perfect condition. The movers were fast, efficient and friendly.
Upon delivery, Maxim took apart an old desk (a big task)  and assembled my new one. I highly recommend this company.

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Local & Long-Distance Corporate Moving Service

Options Long-Distance Moving

We, at Easy Florida Moving offer you two main options on how we can move you from Florida to another State.

1. Shared truck – delivery on the flexible basis

2. Dedicated service – straight delivery with guaranteed date

Some of Our best offers for Long Distance relocation

Our dispatchers and drivers will keep you posted at all times while your stuff is in transit, so that you don’t have to worry and get the service you deserve.

Shared Truck Service

For a small out of State moving

If you are moving a Studio or small one or two-bedroom home, your reasonable option would be to get your stuff moved in a shared truck.

That means that one truck is going to be loaded with several people’s stuff that are going to be delivered one after another on designated route.

With this option taken, your stuff is being picked up on the certain date, loaded into a truck. You will most probably be charged for the total volume or weight plus several other charges such as:

  • Non-reusable packing materials
  • Fuel surcharge (10%-15%)

After pick up your stuff will go to our warehouse where it’s going to be unloaded and wait until there are enough loads to fulfill the truck for this direction. Normally for East Coast deliveries it takes about 7-10 days to have the truck loaded again and deployed. Unless you don’t need to store you goods for a while for some reason.

Easy Florida Moving offers Free storage for all interstate moves for 14 days!

At the time, that the truck is loading back with your stuff for delivery, Company’s Customer Representative calls you and gives you a heads up. And in about 1-4 days window you can expect your belongings to be delivered.


Advantages of the Shared moving truck

  • Lower cost

disadvantages of the Shared moving truck

  • Time-consuming
  • Several loadings and unloadings 
  • Not certain delivery date

Second option is Dedicated Truck (service).

This option works just great if you have a lot of stuff to move (3 bedroom home and more). And if you need to get your Stuff delivered as soon as possible.

With the dedicated moving service chosen, our movers will pack and load your stuff into a truck and either same or next day it’ll be on the way out of Florida.

The best part of it – you are not paying extra for this service if you have enough stuff to fulfill about 75%-80% of the total truck’s capacity.

By the way, we only use 26’ straight trucks to East Coast. That means, that with Easy Florida Moving, unlike most other companies, you will not have to pay extra charge for a shuttle truck because Semi truck is hard or impossible to maneuver in most parts of NYC and movers have to rent smaller box truck to get close to your new home in case of moving your stuff in 18-wheeller.

Thus, we’ve tried to show all the main advantages and disadvantages of moving Interstate. You can read our moving and packing tips online to get more knowledge at this matter.

And remember: our moving estimates are always FREE. Either over the phone or in-home. Don’t let to get yourself fooled with lowball quote from cheating movers and entrust you valuable items to the right one!

Advantages of the Dedicated moving truck

  • Speedy delivery
  • No need to unload and re-stack after warehouse
  • Not possible to lose items
  • Worker/workers from pickup will be present at delivery

disadvantages of the Dedicated moving truck

  • Greater cost of service

in STATE (Intrastate) Long-Distance Moving

What is Intrastate Relocation?

Intrastate moving is typically moves within State lines, but with distance more then 50 miles. With the years of experience, we, at Easy Florida Moving are ready to move you between major Florida’s cities with no stress and most importantly for reasonable price!

Affordable Long-Distance Moving Service

Whether you are moving from Miami to Tampa, or from Naples to Aventura, Easy Florida Moving should be your first Moving Company choice. Of course, you need to call several of companies and shop around, but don’t you forget to check their moving reviews online and see what people say about experience of dealing with them. We, at Easy Florida Moving can promise you that our Flat Rate Moving service will bring you no surprises no matter what may happen during your in-State move. Just give us a call or fill up form online for visual in-home estimate and get the moving quote and service that will exceed you highest moving expectations.

moving truck and storage

Moving and Storage

We totally understand, that you may need a while to get your new place ready for moving in. That is why we are please to offer you our own Storage facility to keep your stuff wrapped and “ready to go” at any time. You even may not be charged for that at all! Sounds too good to be true? Call us and find out, or just read moving reviews from our past customers and make sure that you will not find a better mover in South Florida than Easy Florida Moving.

You can get more info about our Storage solutions HERE

Plan your Long-Distance moving in advance

When you’re planning your move, you don’t have to do it alone.

First, you can check out our FAQ section to find out the answers for the most common questions.

Second, you can go over the check list we’ve prepared for you to get your moving process organized.

Then, give us a call and our manager will assist you in making arrangements for our services. We’re a full-service moving company, so we’ll pack, load, move, unload, and unpack your stuff without asking you to lift a finger (other than to sign a contract for the job). Need moving supplies? Let us know beforehand, and we’ll provide them.

Our team will help you to schedule a date for your move and give you a quote that includes everything up front. When that day rolls around, we’ll be there right on time to get started.


Whatever your reason for moving within the State, substandard service and hidden fees are the last thing you want. You can trust Easy Florida Moving to get everything to the new location fast and safely.

Start by requesting a Moving Quote and get your best moving experience started.

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