What to do with unwanted books?

What to do with unwanted books?

Do you have a lot of used books? We all have books in our library that we read a long time ago, and we don’t feel like reading them again. I heard that once you read a book, even if you still don’t remember it, it is stored in your memory. Your hand doesn’t rise to throw it out, but you don’t want to move the extra stuff to your new home? We know how valuable used books are to you, and we recommend to give them a second life! Donate used books! 

We will tell you how to donate books in Broward County, because Easy Florida Moving is located here, but even if you live in another area, reading this article you will have an idea how to find a suitable place near you.

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Top 5 Places to Donate Used Books

Books for Africa is a non-profit that collects gently used novels written within in the last 15 years and textbooks that have been published since 1998 and ships them to Africa.

DonationTown.org organizes book pick-ups for a variety of charities. When you enter your zip code to arrange a pick-up time, a list of charities that DonationTown.org has partnered with will appear. You can select which one you’d like to support with your donation. Pick-up is free.

Operation Paperback. Send Books to The Troops. By registering on their site you’ll be able to tell them what genres of books you have to donate. They’ll give you names of soldiers and an address or addresses to send the books. This is a great way to show support for our troops that are deployed and missing some of the comforts of home.

Homeless Shelters are often times looking for new books to hand out to those they serve. The Broward Outreach Centers (The Caring Place) has served the homeless and needy of South Florida. Centers serve over 1,300 men, women, and children each day. These guys provide emergency shelter, residential programs, job training, education & computer literacy classes, healthcare, transitional housing, permanent housing, employment opportunities for homeless men, women, and children as well as programs for “at-risk” youth.

International Book Project send books to schools and communities in under-served areas of the world, both domestic and abroad.

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