Interstate (Long Distance) Moving Service

When you decided to move across State Lines, we at Easy Florida Moving can offer you outstanding Interstate Moving Service. Below you can see the US Map with our mostly served areas marked.


As you can see, we cover mostly East coast with our moving deliveries as well as pick-ups.

Experienced and screened movers are working with customers on regular basis and bring them the best Interstate moving experience.

The Interstate mover you can trust

As a licensed and insured mover, Easy Florida Moving takes it very seriously to move your stuff with no damage or lost. That is why the first thing to ask is going to be how would you pack your stuff, when moving. Definitely, you can prefer to do it yourselves. Just be advised, that the proper packing and wrapping for moving is really timing process, furthermore, you may don’t know how to deal with this.

Before signing a moving contract with us, or any other company, we kindly ask you to compare the Moving Companies’ reviews online. Because we are confident, that you can only find positive on Yelp or Google for Easy Florida Moving. You can also check our Registration info and make sure, that we keep our licenses and insurance up-to-date.

Our clients, when move out of State, usually entrust our guys to do professional packing of their items as well as disassemble the furniture. In this case you can be sure that this part of your Long distance move is done perfect and the furniture assembly will occur no difficulties.

Storage facility you can rely on

We at Easy Florida Moving, absolutely clear understand how difficult it may be to grab all the belongings and move hundreds miles away. We know, that you still may not have your place there, or it needs some time to be ready to move in. That is why we can pick up your stuff and have it stored in our warehouse until you let us know that you are ready for delivery. But the best part of it is that you may have this Easy Florida Moving’s storage for free, if it’s not going to take you long to wait. Isn’t it what you where looking for?

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