Moving During COVID-19

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Moving During COVID-19

Moving safely during COVID-19


The coronavirus pandemic has spread rapidly around the world, it has changed the conditions of life and communication. But life hasn’t stopped and the movement is still on. Moving is a critical for a functional society, and our life-sustaining Moving Service at Easy Florida Moving stays open. We continue to work and move our customers during COVID-19. However we have to get used to the new rules.


Your health and safety are our priority. Easy Florida Moving cares both: our customers and employees.

  • We carry out regular checks on our movers and drivers. They are healthy and don’t have symptoms of viral disease;
  • The team will find out in advance about the client’s health and the epidemiological situation in the residence area;
  • Our movers regularly wash their hands and use a disinfector;
  • They are provided with masks and gloves;
  • We keep a distance 6 feet with customers;
  • Our trucks and lifting equipment are disinfected after each customer;
  • If an employee is suspected of having a viral disease, he will immediately be taken to hospital for medical screening and isolation.


We make every effort to keep you healthy and safe, doing a disinfection of all movers’ stuff before each customer. Our team is very attentive to be compliant with the special protocol of working during COVID-19. Furthermore, we have developed for you 10 tips for safe moving, if you are outside our serving area. Thus, choosing a Relocation Company, you can protect yourself and your loved ones in this difficult time for all of us.

10 safe moving tips during COVID-19:

  • Get Over-The-Phone Moving Quote. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the main condition for a minimum of personal contact. The best solution is to Get Over-The-Phone Moving Quote. You will send pictures of your home, and show the amount of stuff, which has to be packed, and furniture, which has to be taken apart. Our experienced moving managers can, based on these initial data, provide you with a moving quote no worse than in-home estimate.
  • Disinfect of frequently touched surfaces before the arrival of the loaders.
  • Keep 6 feet away from movers and crew members. Avoid close contact. Our movers are using a new method of greeting. We don’t shake hands but smile when we get together. Do the same. It’s not rudeness but the new realities of our lives.
  • Make sure the movers wash hands before work in your house and they have individual masks.
  • Must be sure to wear the mask yourself.
  • Require that the packing boxes of personal items be new and never used before. After moving in, they must be disposed of.
  • Do not save packing materials. It’s better to let our movers dispose of them.
  • Find out how to reschedule your move. If you feel not well, or suspected of having a COVID-19 infection, you should postpone your move. This is necessary to protect yourself and others from the spread of the virus. Easy Florida Moving will help you find another convenient time for a safe relocation. We will also provide full refund options.
  • Remember the disinfection. Clarify the disinfection of your moving vehicle. Easy Florida Moving regularly provides proper cleaning and disinfection of trucks.
  • Follow the rules of personal hygiene. Wash your hands as often as necessary. If you can’t wash your hands, disinfect them. Wear a mask in crowded places. Sneeze in the bend of your elbow, not your palm.

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We are working inexhaustibly to make sure all moves are completed in the safest way possible. The safety of all our customers and staff is the number one priority. For additional information about the (COVID-19) visit             

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