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Moving from Florida to Connecticut

With us you will get fair and affordable quote for moving from FL to CT, Easy Florida Moving also offers great options for straight delivery.

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Did you decide to move to Connecticut? That’s a great decision. Easy Florida Moving will make your move fast, calm, and comfortable since we are one of the best Interstate Moving Companies in South Florida. The easiest way to move to Connecticut is to use the services of Easy Florida Moving and our best Long-Distance Movers. Our goal is to take over your relocation problems.

Full range of moving services to Connecticut

We offer a full range of services from start to finish:

  • Choosing a convenient time for you to move;
  • We can offer you a Storage service;
  • Home Movers and Packers take care of your belongings;
  • The Movers to Connecticut will take care of the Relocation of furniture and personal items;
  • Deliver your belongings to your destination

How to move from Florida to Connecticut?

  1. You call us or fill the form to get a free quote
  2. We schedule a convenient time (you can also schedule it here) for you. Be advised that we can do Estimate by pictures or video of your stuff.
  3. Our manager come to your location and evaluate all the stuff which you are planning to move.
  4. Then he calculates the cost of your move. Depending on how much stuff you have. According to the list you both come up to at the end of the evaluation you will get a detailed quote which you know will be your final cost and most importantly, the price will not change anymore.

Customer’s Moving Review

Amanda M.,

Wethersfield, CT

After days of research, I chose Easy Florida Moving to pack and move me from South Florida to Connecticut, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice! I researched and contacted several movers in South Florida and this company was one of the few that moved interstate and offered reasonable rates.

This was my first time hiring a moving company and I was very nervous. I didn’t know what to expect and I was concerned about my belongings getting damaged or lost. When I first spoke to Alex, he immediately put me at ease and explained the entire process. Each time I called he was always patient and answered every question. Some of the companies I called didn’t even answer their phone!

When Easy Florida Moving began the first part of the move in South Florida, Willie and Arthur were on time and communicated updates prior to arriving. They disassembled my furniture, wrapped everything with care, and worked diligently. I have glass tables, leather furniture, and electronics, and nothing was damaged. This move was also done in the South Florida heat in the middle of July and they worked without taking any breaks. Unbelievable.

When it was time to deliver my items in Connecticut, Willie was in constant contact with me during his drive up. He put me at ease and I never had to wonder where my belongings were and if they would make it safely. When Willie arrived at my home in Connecticut, he again worked diligently and reassembled my furniture. Nothing was damaged and everything was intact. This was a harder job, as there were several larger items that needed to be carried up and down flights of stairs. He again barely took any breaks. I can’t stress enough how much his care and attention relieved any anxiety I had over the move.

Without hesitation I highly recommend Easy Florida Moving. Not only does this company do it all – packing/wrapping, local moves, long-distance moves, etc. – but they do it professionally and perfectly. They are very kind and a pleasure to work with. Thank you Alex, Willie, and Arthur for taking the stress out of the move! I really can’t thank you enough.

Free Moving Quote

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Moving Antique items to Connecticut

Special attention should be paid to the packaging of antique furniture and art objects. Easy Florida Moving understands the importance of these items. Our professional movers know how to handle such valuable items. Special packing material and skills of our movers will save your valuable antique items.

Specialists of our Company will carefully pack each item. Neatly load and unload. During moving, antique items are carefully fixed in the truck. Our Long-Distance Movers will do everything by themselves. In addition, the prices for such services are the most reasonable among reputable movers all over Florida. Call us and compare.

Moving business is what we do on the daily and we it do well!

How to prepare for relocating to Connecticut?

No matter what is your purpose of to move to Connecticut. Either it’s a family and home moving or a commercial move. The most important thing to find the best interstate moving company. By the way, Easy Florida Moving is one of the best Interstate moving company in South Florida.

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Low cost long-distance moving

affordable moving to Connecticut

If you want a low-cost house move and you don’t have a lot of stuff, we have a great option. Your stuff will be moved in the same truck as other customers’ stuff. Your belongings will be carefully packed and marked. So, you not to be confused with other people’s belongings. They will also be carefully secured inside the truck. You will have to pay for the packaging, fuel tax and get a little inconvenience while waiting for delivery. But you can save a lot on transportation over long distances. Click here to ger free moving quote to Connecticut

Dedicated Service to move to Connecticut

If you have a lot of belongings, or you want to move your belongings in a separate truck, Easy Florida Moving offers Dedicated Truck service. Your move will be fast and convenient. If your belongings take up 80% of the truck, you won’t have to pay extra for this service, otherwise please call our moving specialist to find out this service will cost you.

Storage Service

We realize that you are facing many challenges while move. If you don’t have everything ready in Connecticut, Easy Florida Moving has storage space for you. If you haven’t had time to find a place to live in time, or if you want renovated your new home or any other reason – Easy Florida Moving offers Free Storage for up to 14 days for those who moves to Connecticut.

  • We have plenty of storage space for your belongings;
  • The room is airy and has no direct sunlight;
  • You don’t pay anything for this service up to 14 days;
  • There’s commercial storage for equipment if you’re making a commercial moving.

Professional Packing Service

The most difficult one of the most important parts of moving is packing all your belongings. It’s a time-consuming and complicated process. Easy Florida Moving will solve this problem for you. Our proven home Movers and Packers will do all the work. You can see the reviews from our customers about professional Movers who work at Easy Florida Moving.

We use quality materials for packaging. Heavy furniture is transported by our well-trained Long-Distance movers with special equipment. When it comes to packing, it’s important to find the right packaging. Easy Florida Moving knows how to pack it properly. Experienced Movers use different boxes for different items:

  • Boxes for TVs and computers. Inside these boxes there is a special filling, which protects the equipment from bumps and scratches. Interstate movers have a special sliding box to protect your flat-screen TVs.
  • The same box is used by movers to transport mirrors and glass frames over long distances.
  • Boxes for dishes. Inside such a box is a partition for neat placement of dishes made of glass. Home Movers and Packers prepare your belongings for long distance relocation.
  • Special wardrobe boxes. Our professional Movers carefully hang your clothes in them. This way they do not wrinkle during transport and do not require ironing.
  • Exclusively for you, our moving specialists have invented a box for the first day in a new place. It contains basic necessities that you will need as soon as you arrive. These may include hygiene products, water and snack food, children’s items.

Commercial Storage

If your new office isn’t ready, or it’s renovating and if there are difficulties and unforeseen circumstances, Easy Florida Moving offers a service of Commercial Storage. Our company has a wide range of premises for all kinds of equipment for long-distance commercial moving. Insured movers take care of your equipment. Commercial storage keeps your equipment at a certain temperature and humidity. The commercial storage facility is clean and ventilated.

We provide a Free Storage Service and affordable long-distance moving. Our movers will deliver your property when you are ready. Professional service is insured so you should not be worrying about moving safely to Connecticut.

Commercial moving services to Connecticut

Easy Florida Moving also provides commercial moving services. We understand that moving a business is a difficult mission. Same is for relocation of the office. It’s a lot harder than moving a home. Special equipment requires special treatment. Our Long-distance movers know their job. Please, contact Easy Florida Moving if you need:

  • Office moving;
  • Corporate relocation;
  • Factory equipment moving;
  • Objects of museum and art gallery relocation;
  • Shop moving;
  • Employee relocation

Hired long distances movers to Connecticut pack all equipment neatly with special materials:

  • Packing paper;
  • Tissue paper;
  • Bubble wrap;
  • Moving boxes and cardboard;
  • Plastic wrap;
  • Moving pads:
  • Packing tape

Special loaders and unloading machines are available for heavy equipment. After relocation of the company, our movers unload the equipment in a new place and unpack it. Our long distances movers minimize the risks associated with moving the business.

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moving from Florida to Connecticut

Moving Checklist

Our full-service movers have prepared check-list for your moving. The list contains “To-Do”s for better preparation for moving to Connecticut.

  • Try to sign a contract with the moving company one month before your departure date. You’ll have plenty of time to prepare so you don’t have to worry.
  • Prepare to disconnect all utilities three days before your move-out. Make sure that the appropriate services are connected in your new home when you arrive.
  • Start packing and throw away all unnecessary and broken stuff.

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Easy Florida Moving will take care of your move. This will be the easiest move of your life!

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