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The Difficulties Of Moving A Piano


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It might seem like an impossible task, but there are certain ways you can safely move a piano. Imagine this – you have decided to relocate your wonderful grand piano to another state, or to the first floor of your house. You have absolutely no clue how to move a piano and what to do with this – using a dolly, or trying to move it with your friends by hand, or calling a Piano Moving Company in Miami to do it.

Specialty items take certain equipment, skills, and strength. Piano Moving is not the same as moving your furniture or clothes. Piano Moving requires a special way of taking care of delicate musical instruments. If you are still thinking about moving a piano yourself – read more information below. We will talk about the options and challenges that you have when piano moving.

Hire Affordable piano movers. Think About Your Health First

If you are a senior, or you are physically challenged, pregnant, or just with any small children, please avoid to move a piano by yourself. Health is the most important part of your life, and you cannot risk it for a task that can be done by the professional Piano Movers. To move a piano, you will need several people helping you. You probably do not know any heavy lifter is capable of moving six hundred pounds of wood and metal alone.

If you had any previous injuries in life, you should also skip this process and call piano movers at Easy Florida Moving. Heavy lifting can cause spinal and wrist injuries, muscle pulls, sprains, etc. Please do not risk your health for any reason!

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Piano Moving Service is near you. Think About Your Time And Money (And Insurance)

Okay, so you are healthy and ready with many other friends that are willing to spend hours on Piano moving. Do you really want to waste your own time and the time of your friends and family to get this bulky musical instrument? If the piano falls, the cost of the repair will be higher than the cost of the professional Piano moving team. That is assuming one of your friends isn’t injured as well. Most piano movers in Florida even have insurance to cover the cost of your piano, if any damages occur during the moving process.

Is A Piano Really That Hard To Move?

Yes, it really is. It is a 600-pound delicate instrument that has over thousands of fine-tuning parts. If you decide to move the piano yourself, without any insurance or professional team, be ready for a surprisingly large repair bill. The damage might be from minor scratches on the body, broken legs, or irreparable damage to the keys and wires. If you live in a hot and humid climate like in Florida, even a little exposure to water may damage your piano. Rapid changes in temperature may harm your musical instrument if you do not have special equipment, preparation, and planning.

It is always better to trust a professional piano moving company in Miami due to the delicate nature of the instrument. Give us a call to find out why we are the best piano movers in Miami area – Easy Florida Moving!

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